Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Postcards from NZ

Hi kids....we tried to call today
But the line was really bad.
We wanted to tell you about the ferry ride over to Russell
about the yummy warm lemon curd muffins we had
About climbing to the highest part of the town ...really high just so we could find a cache
We didn't need our coats again today.....the sun has been so lovely
We saw the oldest church in New Zealand...it even has bullet holes in the sides....part of it's history
We walked so much our feet hurt...
We bought postcards and sent them to you
Wish this connection was better and we could show you in pictures about our day....
Hope all is well


  1. Looks like you're having a lovely time Bron, enjoy! xx

  2. Looks and sounds fab - hope you're having fun! x

  3. Ooooh looking forward to meeting you IN REAL LIFE tomorrow!! :) yippee!

  4. Awww Russell is beautiful! Glad the weather has been turning it on for you. It has been bitter down here. BITTER I tell you. Yesterday was a high of 8 and that was probably only for half an hour LOL...

    Anyway enjoy your fabulous holiday. Hugs


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