Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slow Cooked Ribs...

I have had my slow cooker for a few weeks now. We have had some very delicious meals using this wonder pot.....

But on the weekend we had the best was mouth watering, sweet , melt in your mouth......

Spare Ribs cooked in Coca cola....I was very suspect about this concept...I am secretly a "coke" drinker  but was it going to work with spare ribs.... that are not the cheapest cut of meat to buy.

My hubbie was very keen right from the start to try it.....

Oh my,  you must try it if you haven't...mmmmmmmm
I asked him which recipe he used so I could share.....he is not sure...he kind of looked at a few and then went it alone...
This is normal for him....
So if you like the sound of spare ribs in Coca-Cola...just Google it and you will come up with an array of choices.


  1. i used to live in a share house with a chef whose signature dish was Coca Cola Duck, it was very famous too!
    Looks good, and indeed a wonder pot - try shanks!

  2. WOW Looks great and it does look like it tastes good. I am going to google it.

    I am still looking for my favorite recipe to share with you but in the mean time a friend on Face Book shared this with me that I am really anxious to try as we love tacos

    Chicken Tacos
    5 or 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
    1 Jar of Salsa
    1 packet of Taco season (mix w/salsa)
    place in crock pot on high for 6 hours
    pull the chicken apart stir to mix then serve with traditional taco fixings

    I have not tried this one as of yet but am this weekend Yummy

  3. Hey Bron, the ribs look mouth wateringly good......

    I've had pork cooked in coke at my nieces and it was yummy....

    Who woulda thunk it?.......

    Claire x

  4. Ooooh we love ribs! May have to give it a go! thanks for sharing :)


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