Friday, July 5, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week I am Loving.....

:: The outlook from where I work on a cold crisp morning.....

::  Being cheeky and messing up the dining table all week to be creative while the hubby has been away....

:: My new satchel bag ready for my trip tomorrow...

::Noticing the little things as we run out the door in the morning...this little guy was enjoying the little bit of rain we had...

:: Being educated on the new things...Foot Undies being one of them.

::Watching the little guy have so much fun in his assembly item today.

:: The beautiful and precise colouring that has absorbed the little guy this week ( and then so proudly wanted me to show you all on the blog!)

:: I am totally loving that it is Friday and our planned celebratory trip has arrived...eek
I 'm leaving on a jet plane.......

::Loving this cool song too......

Joining in with Meghan


  1. Have a lovely holiday Bron. Here's to the best 'second honeymoon' ever! Bon voyage and Godspeed x

  2. Love, Love, Love the Elephant... They were my daughters favorite! He did a super great job

  3. hehe I was wondering what on earth the Foot Undies were - still mystified!!!!

  4. what in carnation are foot undies!!! Another post please! LOL

  5. foot undies? sounds interesting! lots to love and have a fab trip x


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