Monday, June 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

Ten photos over Ten hours....

1. Woke to the most beautiful clear skies..with evidence of the rain we had yesterday.

2. Bag packed to head out for the day ahead.

3 .Coffee drinking with my man and our visitors from the East.

4. A stroll along our most gorgeous coastline to show off the beauty of where we live.

5. A quick stop to fill the lunch supply order.

6. Roses bought in form the garden...a ritual my husband is very good at.

7 .Some soaking in of the sun...enjoying the slow pace of the day.

8. One little guy excited to be coming home to hang with our house guests.

9. An hour spent at the office waiting for the teen to finish connecting with her peers.

10. Homeward bound with dinner waiting to be consumed.

So glad my reminder went off this was fun snapping through my day trying not to be too obvious about it. A day where I spent it with my man and some very good friends who are staying.
Reminder in my phone for July...thanks " a bit of sunshine " for the prompt. 

ten on ten button


  1. I love the shadow pic Bron, and your roses. Double Delight is one of my favourites. You only need one bloom to fill a room with its beautiful perfume.

  2. What a fun shadow picture!
    I like your yellow mug with the plate of goodies!

  3. oh so so sweet! what a fabulous day. xo

  4. HI Bron,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I had the opportunity to visit Australia 12 years ago. You have an amazing country!
    I love the beautiful pictures of your daughter. I truly believe that God intended for our families to be together forever after this life. Wishing you peace.

  5. I may be wrong but your site has a new look? If so, I love it! Great photo set, our days are full of beauty, it's nice once a month to appreciate it.

  6. I especially love that first one with the rain on the leaf and that your husband brings you in roses, what a sweetheart Bron! Love this ten on ten thing you're doing too xx


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