Friday, August 28, 2015

Missing here....busy there

A little update ....

We are still enjoying hanging out together in this time of different....but we had a to do list while we had the time....other than lots of coffee dates!

Our home of 16 years ( we bought it when it was 8 years old) has been in desperate need of some attention. We have had some structural issues that have plagued us for a few years....

Finally with the right help...some time and a little money up our sleeves we have begun to tackle it all.....
but we all know that one thing leads to another....

So excuse the lack of interest here in this space while we work hard to give our home the tender loving care it needs roof structure, ceilings installed and now onto some major painting hours....


  1. Oh no! Who got the better of that fight lol. You two are so cute! I LOVE doing DIY things around the house... It is so fun cleaning, painting, redecorating! Have fun and I hope once in a great while you will update us on your fun projects in and around and outside the house... Be careful on the roof! I don't want anykind of update there unless it is to say your done. lol Take care xxxxx

  2. Working on a home can be so gratifying (+therapeutic)! X

  3. Good luck with the home improvements ... I find the process can be a pain ... But the end result makes up for it :0)

  4. Hoorah for having the time and space and desire to get it done! Have fun! xx

  5. Ooh, I love seeing the painting, sounds exciting Bron! How nice for you to have this time together to get stuff done, the coffee dates sound lovely too xx

  6. It sounds really lovely that you are both having this time together. Although tiring and costly getting things done around the house, I bet you are both so happy to see things coming together. xxx


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