Monday, August 17, 2015

A cause for celebration

As the chief keeper of our family memories I like to think I take this job the past I scrap booked everything.
Then i discovered blogging and did both for a while.....but lately it is just this space here that is the prime place of recording the happenings in family. The uncertainty of our path, the highlights, the boring normal and the celebrations.

So forgive me for indulging me in this one celebration that happened last month that I neglected to record.
You see it is nice to know I have a few people pop in and leave lovely comments...but I also do this whole blogging thing to leave a record, a transcript with pictures for my family......

So after 21 months.. 

Hey presto.....

A cause for celebration in our house and especially for the owner of the new beautiful smile.

Is memory keeping and recording important to you?
Are you the chief keeper of such important stuff?


  1. Isn't it great when the braces come off ... suddenly you understand and appreciate where all that money went :0)

  2. Oh I remember that day so well myself! She has a beautiful smile! and she looks so much like you xxxx

  3. What a beautiful smile! Gorgeous girl and definitely cause for celebration, I never had braces, but I know they are a massive commitment of time, effort and money :)

  4. Congrats to Meg! Lovely girl!

  5. Oh a big yay from me to your gorgeous girl. She must be soooo happy to get those braces off. And her smile is gorgeous and worth having those braces on. xxxx


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