Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The changing days

I am loving these days......
days that are not filled with plans, just enough on the to do list to still breath
The weather is ever changing....flitting between the end of Winter and the start of Spring

I have spent a bit of time wondering what the Spring will bring us as a family..
New birth of ideas..... places, people or maybe just some 
re birthing of the old

I do know that our path is a good one....that the plans in store for us a great....and as they are being revealed I am constantly reminded to savour the moment...smell the roses....
be thankful for what we have now...and also thankful for what we are still to gain.

A wander in our garden as the sun was shining...showed me that there are things that are lying in wait for the next season one that is warmer and filled with people and sharing what we have in our hands.... 
all just waiting to burst into full beauty.. 


  1. Just caught up on your posts from the last while. So much loveliness and so many smiles! Hope you all continue to be happy in this new phase of life xx

  2. I love C.S.Lewis quote 'there are far greater things ahead of us than any we leave behind'

  3. I love that old gnarly tree! and What beautiful flowers. I love when spring time starts it makes you feel brand new and that anything is possible!

  4. I love your words and the one comment by Miriam by C.S. Lewis. So fitting for me right now. Fall will soon be upon us here in BC and we are moving. I know there is a load of goodness ahead. It's hard to imagine with all the stress that accompanies a move but I know it will arrive soon enough. Thank you for this Bron.

  5. Ah, the promise of Spring is a wonderful thing Bron. It's wonderful that you are embracing it wholeheartedly. Beautiful pics :)

  6. Bron you are a very inspiring lady. May Spring bring wonderful things for you and your family. Lovely photos from your garden. xxx


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