Monday, August 3, 2015

Enjoying where we are...

It's been a couple of weeks now since we returned from holidays....

When we left we were both facing changes in our vocations......for my husband the end of a 20 year career
for me , less drastic, but a halving of my hours and responsibilities.

We weren't sure how to feel really about what life was going to look like for us as a family.

While we still aren't sure where this is all taking us but what we do know is that.....

My lovely man and I are just loving the freedom that this time in our life is giving us. 
Yes we will have to re-establish our work lives but for right now we are enjoying the blessing of being able to breath deeper, enjoy the most perfect of winter days, drink our tea slower, plan the evening meal together, head off and watch school carnivals, dream what may be and savour just being present.
We have a few projects at home that need our attention and I am not finished with my ongoing decluttering mission but having time to walk , talk, brainstorm and dare I say exercise is a luxury we will not be taking for granted. 

I'm interested in what you would do if you suddenly had a whole bunch of time on your hands?


  1. How nice that your changes are happening together, it means you have a bit more lovely time to spend together each week. I like to learn new things so if I have the money and the time then I tend to do a workshop or course. I recently did a beginners photoshop course and I would have liked to have done a first aid course before having my bub but I've sort of run out of time unfortunately! Either that or start a new crafty project. Hope you find lots of lovely things to do.

  2. I think I would sleep! lol I am so happy that you have this moment to enjoy and that you are taking full advantage of it. Love the picture of the pier... Is that on your beach or from your holiday?

  3. I'd take some time to really enjoy it ... I'm sure there would be a tendency to stress about the future ... but I'd really try to enjoy the moment :0)

  4. I think I would do what you are doing. Taking the time out & slowing down. Let the other things slowly disappear become removed from your lives & prepare yourselves for the new to come...

  5. It sounds like you are doing exactly what you should be doing, because it is making you happy. There is nothing wrong with taking a step back for a while and reassessing. Things will always work out just how they are meant to, in one way or another. Beautiful pic, so serene :) xo

  6. It is lovely to take moments when they come, I've just dropped a days work (3 to 2) and am loving the extra time that is giving me. I'm particularly noticing that Im able to fit some nice things in without sacrificing the things that need to be done- instead of having to choose one or the other.


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