Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful list

* The most awesome holiday

* Friends who accommodated us for a week

* Walking through rain forest trails

*Exploring rock pools on the beach

*Watching the brave attempt scary roller coasters

* Finding the courage to do a small less scary ride

*Great finds of accommodation

* Abundance of delicious foods

* Family who take care of the fort at home

* Market finds

* Dreaming of possibilities

* A husband who is home full time and LOVES to cook

* Supportive network to help make the adjustments needed

* My new short hours that allows me to lunch with my man daily

* The freedom right now to slow down and savour everything

*The space to wait and see what our next part of the journey will be.

#1144 The assurance that it will all be OK 

Glad to be back in this thankful space. Life has been a bit topsy turvy of late and changes in abundance. But I always come back to the place of being thankful. It really does help me keep focus....

and as I heard this week......focus is really the key to long as we focus on the right things.


  1. A great list of thankfuls Bron, nice to acknowledge them, particularly when life is so hectic these days :) Lovely pic of the lighthouse too! xo

  2. Sweet husband to assist! Is that a real light house? It is so pristine I almost thought it was fake. Slowing down for a bit is a good thing xx

  3. what a great list. Looking forward to hearing what will be...


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