Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Markets and Memories

Gotta love a good market.....and this was a good one.....something for everyone....

I am very excited to come home with two locally designed and made dresses....

While we were in the hood, we made the little drive to my husband's grandparents home town for a little walk down memory lane...reliving his childhood memories of holidays there.
We can only dream.......

 Pineapples for dessert tonight....


  1. Oh and you promised you would come back!!!! So stop looking at houses!!!!!

  2. your food looks wonderful! and it looks like you are having some beautiful winters days!

  3. Oh yum! looks like a great market and area - what a lovely day out x

  4. How fun an Artisan market, they have such great things! I love that tee shirt Fraser is holding... So funny. Ooo nice house! I love wandering through new house models dreaming myself! Looks like a great day!

  5. that looks like a really cool market!


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