Monday, July 20, 2015

The Most East

We travelled across the border today and out of the state....we discovered beautiful rugged coastlines.
If we were a few years younger one of us would have jumped in with a board for a surf!
{Cabarita headland}

From up here we were hoping to catch sight of a migrating humpback whale...

But not today.....

So onwards further down the coast...

{Byron Bay Lighthouse}

To the eastern most point on our Australian coast line..

and guess what????...from here in the very far distance we spotted a whale....not a clear shot but none the less exciting....

Days like this I wish I was wearing a pedometer......
Unlike my son I didn't scoot back up the walk way.....

We will all sleep well again tonight.


  1. So exciting to see a whale! I love that pic with you and Meg it's very pretty. Light houses are so fun, did you get to climb up that one or is it a working lighthouse?

  2. Ah beautiful shots Bron. I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks and it looks like you are on an adventure, lovely! I'll have to recap on your older posts ;)

  3. how exciting to see the whale! Awesome!


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