Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Cardboard Box

 Have you ever had to do it.....who am I kidding everyone must have...and I am sure there are some of you who have done it a few times and now see it as no big deal.....

I am talking about bringing home the cardboard box...or boxes as is the case in this house.

The cardboard box containing a huge assortment of things representing a life lived in an office away from home....

I was to discover in the boxes that have been brought home this week....

* Half of my diminished cutlery drawer
* Mugs that I haven't  seen for a very long time
* Bowls and cereal canisters
* A meercat or two {don't ask!}
*Photo frames with favourite family photos displayed
* Nerf Guns and a full quota of ammunition - one can only guess how much fun was had at the office......

* and the biggest collection of randomness

I have only ever had to do this ritual once in my life....way way way back in 1993 when I finished my teaching job of five years....

So I can only try and imagine what it has meant for these boxes to come home after twenty....but our family mantra is onwards to new adventures......


  1. Oh wow the end has come and to top it off a change to your hours maybe this is semi retirement. Hope you all transition quickly

  2. Nice to get your cutlery back! Lots of other stuff though that I am sure you wondered why on earth it came home at all! Have fun sorting!


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