Friday, July 17, 2015

Beach Combing and Sugar Cane

We were up and out of the house early today for our hosts a quieter start to their day....we headed to the beach....
It was a chilly start but we walked and enjoyed the coastline....collecting beach glass, chasing waves and spotting dream homes on the waters edge.

We did make a stop at a place three of us have visited before in it's hey day...sadly it is not anymore...but a right a passage we have all done now.

Another thing that we have noticed is slowly becoming non existent...sugar cane fields....but we did find some  and again were able to educate our youngest . 

So from the sea to the sugar....a great day following our nose and not the GPS....sometimes they are the best exploring adventures.


  1. Right! Great adventures made just following your senses sometimes the best way to go... Is that a beach of sea shells or just a spot you captured? very interesting picture of the shells love it

  2. Love the shot of the shells all crushed and colourful, beautiful! The big pineapple is pretty cool too! Great pics Bron :)


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