Friday, July 24, 2015

The Best Ever Banana Cake

Gotta love returning from holidays and finding something well past it's date still sitting in the fruit bowl!!!

Never fear the optimism of being on holidays can save the day.....
that and the recipe shared by a fellow blogger Julie...

I often make the a banana bread but for a change this cake is divine.....and a huge hit with the family.


  1. Ooo Banana bread yours looks luscious and Zucchini bread are divine! such great treat or snack ideas! I had some Zucchini bread this morning with my strawberry butter on top.... Yummy

  2. Oh how lovely that you tried the recipe out :) So happy you were able to use those bananas. I always think they are the most amazing fruit (spice?!) in that they can be used when they are at their absolute create something so delicious! Nature huh!? :)


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