Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Drawn back to the mountains

Maybe it is because we live near the beach...mountains are new sights for us...the beauty of being so high.....

We were drawn back today......

We didn't track down any waterfalls sadly but the highlight of the day would have been the journey to the top on those mountainous, windy roads.


  1. Gorgeous photos Bron. You've really chosen a beautiful spot to visit. Where is this? xxx

  2. enjoy your time exploring new places & climbing high!!!

  3. The mountains are so majestic I love them too. My husband and I are right now trying to pick between a mountain forest or ocean beach holiday for our 35th wedding anniversary in November. We have been trying to choose for a month now... I guess that I will have to do some internet searching. Isn't the scent of the forest wonderful? I always breath in the heady scent when we visit! I am happy that you were able to revisit them xxxx

  4. Just beautiful scenery Bron but those winding roads are no good for me - unless I'm driving of course!


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