Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It is sports carnival time of the year......

We were requested to come and watch...(wouldn't miss it) 

As we positioned ourselves at the finish line for the great photo op, the thing I noticed was how much I enjoyed watching our boy run with his mates

It wasnt really that important which place he came  although it is important if you are 10 years old....I loved that in each of his races he ran alongside or between his best mates.....

Now it is a very long time since I participated in a running race at a carnival...but  I am still running a race....the race of life.....

Watching my boy and his mates made me think about this race I am running....what makes it more doable is that I am running along side and in between mates...friends....a life partner.

Together we will head towards the finish line....the people I surround myself with have the same end prize in mind...they look across and offer words of encouragement when the legs are tired.....or the straight stretch feels like it is going on forever.

My hope is that my kids have that experience too.....never to have to run a race alone but always surrounded by like minded people who will encourage them to keep going and finish well.



  1. Great pictures and lovely post! I love the way you are thinking! xx

  2. A song I am reminded of in reading this... "Running to win the race, that God has set before us, running with patience not with fear. Keeping our eyes upon our Lord & Saviour knowing he is always here..."


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