Sunday, October 11, 2015

Telling Stories

The school holidays have come to an end...for the adults in the house it has been all about renovations.....for the dancer in the family it has been all about dancing and for the youngest member he was  lucky enough to go on an adventure....

Now I don't usually tell others stories here but on this occasion, I am.

My youngest sister, her five children and my dad all went on a journey...sadly for  all the other adults the timing didn't work out to go along...

Knowing that our house was under construction and that Fraser might like to hang with his cousins he was invited to go along...( my sister is such a saint!)

She was sure to send me pictures of snippets of the trip...

The purpose of the trip was to retrace my dad's time in a small town where he grew up 550 km north of where we all live now.

 So here is the trip......courtesy of my sisters text messages..

"Soooooooo 8.5 hours later we have arrived!!!!! Everyone travelled well.
Now to mobilise the team to set up the camper "

"The church where dad went to Sunday School"

"The morning at this picnic spot by the river!! Hot but we got to put our feet in !! Searching for Dad's Sunday School picnic spot.

"The afternoon seeking out wildflowers."

"Fantastic,hot , wonderful day.
 All going well.
Kids will sleep VERY well(so will grandpa!)

"Started the day finding the site that dad's house was on..."

"Then embarked on the walk to school..."

"walking to school..."

"Story time with Grandpa"

"Chilling out in the heat of the day"

"So we made it onto Kel's just after lunch and have been happily playing all afternoon! BBQ and bonfire night "

"We are on our way home.....

Grandpa at the top of the sand dune!!!!"

I am so grateful that Fraser got to join in on this 6 day  trip...he has many stories and a bigger understanding of his Grandpas life as a little guy around his age....also got to be part of a gang fro a few days bigger than hi normal day to day.
We will celebrate my dad's 75 th birthday mid next year and now some of his memories have been passed on to some of his grandchildren. 



  1. What a fantastic trip for Fraser! And how wonderful that your sister included you! Is that the tent in the back ground that you all used earlier in the year? with all the rooms? I finally found the address to a place here that sells something similar! so excited... In the 5th picture it looks like you sister ended up with more children than she started with lol. Isn't that always the way. What a wonderful trip for your father, to see all his old places and spend time sharing with his grandchildren! Oh boy 75 years old! That is a mild stone... is there any planing in the future? Thank you for sharing have a great week xxxx

  2. how cool is that. Fraser will really treasure that time he got to spend with the family & grandfather especially! Very special

  3. How much fun and the wild flowers are incredible and now I'm curious as to how close did I get to your piece of Australian beauty ?? We were in Mandurah then near Bunbury then Freemantle before flying to the outback where I fell in love with NT

  4. What a wonderful sister you have and an amazing adventure for Fraser to have and share with his Grandad and cousins. xxxx

  5. That sounds like so much fun!! Miss all those gorgeous faces.


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