Friday, October 16, 2015

Seeing the beauty

Sometimes you have to look a little deeper and closer to see the beauty.
Look past the mess and chaos
Block out the demolition and destruction 

In the midst of renovations it is hard to see the beauty that will be the end..... 

 Luckily my husband found some beauty going unnoticed in the garden outside all the chaos and brought it inside.....


I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in this mess....creating a space that we have waited a long time for......

But I do wish we were on the other side now!


  1. The very best thing about renovations is the finishing of them ;0)
    Hang in there ... it won't take too long ... hopefully.

  2. When the end comes you will finally have the great sigh of satisfaction of a job well done! Love the beautiful Rose! xx

  3. I bet the mess is going to be so worth it. Pretty flower...

  4. It is hard to see the end in sight when things don't look so great in the middle of renovating but it will be worth it. The rose your hubby picked for you is very pretty indeed. xxx

  5. You especially need to see and appreciate the beauty amongst all the chaos of renovating. Breathe. You will get there. You will get there.

  6. Focus on that beautiful rose xx


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