Friday, December 11, 2015

A BIG 'ol Emotional week

After a lot of thought and soul searching I said goodbye to the one thing I have loved for the last 8 years...

Said goodbye to the 100 plus mums,dads,grannies and more importantly the awesome small people that have added such joy to my days.

They spoiled me with words, gifts and lots of hugs. There were tears.....and sharing of memories and we ate way too much food over three days.
Some of my beautiful families have been in our playgroup programme for 6 years...some just this year.....but they have all worked their way into my  heart and I will miss them heaps.

It doesn't make sense to give up something so special, but it is time.....with all the changes this year it does feel like I am meant to do this.
So today I have woken up relieved that I made it through the week of goodbyes....I am tired but filled up with goodness knowing that together with my fantastic team we have made a difference in families in our community.

I guess now I need to put some thought to the coming week and get myself out there for some Christmas gift shopping.....


maybe I will just hibernate for a day or two and gather myself and my emotions......plenty of chocolate sitting on my kitchen bench.


  1. Love the pictures... Looks like it was a pretty awesome place to work but sometimes changes make for better things in life. You are so blessed to have had the time to influence those sweet little ones and have them in your life and I know that they benefited by your tutelage... I vote for shopping and a bit of hibernating xxxx

  2. Oh dear... I bet it was all very difficult.. but good too. Take a few days or more to recover from this emotional week... you will need it. Take care.

  3. You are awesome and i am going to miss doing ministry with you my sister. It was s busy emotional week and so glad i did it with you. Love ya. Looking forward and cant wait to see what awaits in the future for you guys.


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