Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hot Summer Nights

These days between Christmas and New Year are very unique....

No one has to be anywhere much....we've all eaten way too much and been social enough...

They are nothing days....but in a good way

We took the kids crabbing on one of the was hot ...too hot to stay home...still, with no breeze....perfect for crabbing...

A haul of 4 crabs was just what the crab loving ones in our family love.


  1. Oh yes, loving those days between as well. Aren't they just the best!
    Crabs! Ekkk... look at it! ewww... do you eat it too?

  2. Rest is always a beautiful time when wanted. I grew up on the shores of the Pacific ocean and still never quite developed a taste for sea food... Good thing too as I am highly allergic to shell fish but my son LOVES crab and eats enough for me lol xx


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