Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's not about us...

This year we I really felt we needed to mix our normal traditions up a little..

So I posed to my family that we give up a little of ourselves on Christmas day to be available to those who might need extra.

Feeling a little unsure, they did agree. We found  somewhere local that was hosting a Christmas breakfast for those who might not have anywhere to be.

We arose early and headed out the door...presents unopened.

We made ourselves available  for setting up,serving, hanging with kids and flipping bacon and sausages.

When we were finished.....it was realised that it really was something that we had needed to do and that starting our day that way was such a refreshing way to begin the festivities.

We continued onto a family lunch feeling filled up on knowing that we helped make a difference to about 300 people.


  1. Oh that is just awesome! Glad your family took it on board & that you all got something satisfying from it. So lovely! Way to go!

  2. What a beautiful thing you and your family agreed to do. As a child my mom and us kids were on the receiving end of one of those for two years and I still remember feeling so happy to have a gift to open on Christmas and food to eat. What a great experience and educational moment for the kids


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