Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Little Red Dress

Meg has a dance performance night next week.....two more outfits were needed....
A little white dress and a little red dress.

Money is tight but we were hopeful

White is easy pick....we found one that she is happy to continue to wear after the night and it was ok priced....

The little red dress on the other hand

Red is not in....watermelon-!...not anywhere!

We searched every shop available to no avail 

I was happy just to head home, Meg wanted to try an op shop. I love op shopping but I know that you can't just walk in and find exactly what you need without maybe traipsing around to them all.

I agreed we had time to pop into one op shop and take a chance.

In we walk and wouldn't you know it on the first mannequin.......

We checked the size....8

I suggested she go and try it on the see if it would fit....".of course it will fit" she said..."I prayed in the car park that there would be a little red dress that was just perfect!"

For a whole $6 we decided to take it.......
We get to the counter......half price purple ticket cost us a whole $3!!!!

We had the biggest grins on our faces as we left the store....

Only to see this billboard at the end of the car park as we left......


Oh Yeah it was a good day .


  1. Oh my goodness yes, God most definitely had a hand in your day... I love it when things like that work out, What a wonderful blessing xxxxx

  2. Wow! Awesome! Awesome God & awesome that you found the things you need. Best of luck with the performances next.

  3. that is super cool and a beautiful dress too! x


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