Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Weekend for the fit.....

This past weekend was all about the sporty types in our family { Sadly I dont get to be at dance class otherwise I could add Meg in here too}

It was the opening game for the soccer season.....a cool early morning was perfect for a team of 10/11 year olds raring to go.

We headed straight down the highway south after the game to prepare for the 1/2 ironman to be held on Sunday morning.

Again a very grey day that provided perfect race conditions for both athletes and spectators.  After overcoming a last minute dash to the transition setup, our ironman was off and swimming......then cycling.....then running.

This is number 13 for him and you would think we would have it all down pat...the watching and supporting thing! For some reason he doesn't recall spotting us at all  and we lost him on the run....
Word got to us that he had problems with his hip and knowing that he was a little undertrained going in, jumped to the conclusion that his race must have been over .
I waited.....then decided he would make contact when he could. We cheered his brother over the line and just waited.....

But somehow we missed him out there and he successfully ran across the finish line thinking that we must have had dramas that kept us from the sidelines!!!!

Anyways never a dull moment.....all finished well and we are super proud of him once more.....  
 Even more so that he was able to pull up for work the next morning like a trooper!

So I am adding to my thankful list....

* The soccer season kicking off
* Perfect race conditions
* A weekend to hang with my sister as we cheer from the sidelines
* No rain despite it being very close
* The sun appearing  as the day progressed

#1295 A solid finish for our 13 time ironman


  1. What an energetic bunch! Well done to all of them.

  2. I am always so impressed with people who take on the "Iron Man." Great pictures xx

  3. wow great job ,liked the pic too ,that tree is huge

  4. Oh that is impressive!! Funny story though! Love your gratitude list. Have been thinking how much I want yo get back to posting my gratitude on the blog again xx


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