Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where have I been? 14 Random Happenings

I have been missing in action and have hesitated about popping up here with not too much to say...but I have been prompted this week to think about why I have this space and it was to originally keep a record of family for our benefit and anyone who may still be hanging in there here goes....

* I have been trying to keep up my appearances at The Make A Wish shop as it is a place that really makes me slow down and enjoy doing the little things....or just helping in its purest from...We had the official opening of the store and it is nice to see it is on the map a little larger than it was.

* The week by week routine is all over the place as I have had more work offered than I can accept. The hardest part of being a relief teacher is being able to say no and not feel that I have let people down...I am so thankful for the offers and am really enjoying the variety and different challenges each day. I have also begun building some relationships in the two main schools I am teaching in.

* There was a little dabble into hairdressing......ending badly. Well not quite but after the insistence of my girl wanting her hair a  little shorter and me insisting that it was not high on my skill set.....well lets just say she will never insist again.

* I had the opportunity of being apart of our new church's "Solo mums pamper morning" - I popped up my head to help in the kids department ( which is where I am most comfortable) only to find they had enough help and  needed help on the foot spa station! Oh my who would have thought I would have such a lovely was very humbling to spend a few minuted chatting and loving on a complete strangers  the day before Mothers Day.

* Hmmm Mothers Day....I really tried hard this year to prepare myself for the day....I spent some time leading up thinking and getting my head right.....unfortunately I didn't do enough and found that I just ran right out of emotional reserves.....FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!
I struggle with the external expectations placed on me for this day...and some years it just sneaks up on me and double whammies me...Mum and my big girl....So lets just say that we are done for another year and the love my family bestows on me is far better received on any other given day.

* We have had some specialist appointments thrown in for our boy as we tackle a little annoying tongue issue that we will have sorted in a couple of weeks.

* We have met with another bunch of specialist to tackle another annoying family oddity that we may have potentially passed onto our kids....just a little issue with anesthetics and so that will be tackled in the next few months starting with our girl.

* I have managed only one or two coffee catchups with those who can add to my life and keep things a little saner.   Unfortunately the abundance of work offers, interferes with this thing I love to do....
I did sneak a coffee date with my hubby on his way home form work...rendezvousing at a coffee shop halfway home.

* Both the kids have been working on the opportunities for next year. A high school specialist programme workshop day this week and audition tapes to prepare for the dancer to prepare over the next month.

* I have attend a funeral to farewell a lady who was not only a good friend's mum when I was growing up but who had a huge influence on my life during my tween and teenage years....Wow to live 81 years and influence so many with your simple daily life.

* This week I had a husband who came off  his bike as he cycled home from work..A touch from a car coming around a corner with him ...the bruising, road rash and mental shakeup has been at the forefront this week. . I am so thankful that he was not any more badly injured. Also that my sister was at our beck and call to dress and give good advice about the wounds.....eeek did I mention I am a teacher not a nurse!!

* Today we have had a storm front through that cancelled soccer and bought down huge branches of our gum tree in the garden....what a mess.....again so thankful that the winds picked them up and took them away from the house....must ring the tree surgeon on Monday for a cleanup plan.

* Oh so today no soccer...big winds....lots of rain.....what was one to do but stay in PJ's and read in bed.....well for a good part of it anyway until they all cried foul that the shopping hadn't been done and the cupboards were was at that moment that I could see no reason not to eat cereal for lunch and possibly dinner also.....
No I got out of my Pj's and dragged the injured one with me to do the dreaded groundhog day shopping ....So I am pleased to report we will not in fact be eating cereal for dinner.

* Did I mention that I have been sorry of course I did....just not sure I am cut out for full time work....I struggle to keep up with all the school notes, meal planning, housework and the myriad of other little things that need my attention.

Anyways... Little longer than I thought it would be but that is life in a "nutshell"

Now I really ought to go and pay some visits to some of my favoutie bloggers and say hi. 

But first ....dinner to prepare for the family and extras. xxxxx


  1. Yeah you are back. Love your writings and love you xx

  2. Loved reading this! I can identify with your foray into hairdressing... My mom asked me once to trim her hair, I insisted that I could not... It didn't end well... X

  3. My goodness... Life sure takes turns in our lives as we go along... I am happy that your husband is okay that was a scary thing to happen. I hope all goes well for the little ones and the specialists (well not so little anymore lol) I understand about mothers day, it sure is a hard one. This weekend will be six years I still have the gift she gave me before she left two weeks later :-( Time goes on, travels at high speed, not caring about those left behind, everyone on a merry-go-round. I step on then step off... Separate from the business of the world... then step back on. I am happy that you are such a hot commodity, children need wonderful people in their lives to mold them and show by example about life. Really sorry about your dear friend that's never easy. I have attended several funeral services since my baby girl left and my mind goes back to her service (I have to do a mental shake to clear the thoughts) Sorry about that great tree, I hope that the surgeons can fix it or help it. Take care my friend xxxxxx

  4. I stopped by to catch up on all your news and it sounds like life has been busy, I then realised that this post was 3 weeks ago so am guessing things are still the same. Try and take a bit of time out for yourself, we all deserve that, but when life gets so full rarely do we stop and focus on ourselves and sometimes it takes someone else to tell us to to do it.....I am all to familiar with this. So book a massage, go for a walk, read a book anything just for you. Miss you lots xxx


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