Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cupcakes and soccer and being brave

We are in a season as a family where I feel that for each of us we have our own biggish things going on......

So our boy has...
 all that comes with finishing primary school and making decisions about high school for next year......

Soccer is happening and he has had the opportunity to try out for a regional team heading towards "county week " in October.

A little procedure to remove something from his  tongue also has been on our agenda for a while. Seeing him overcome some perceived fears was awesome.

Random collection of happenings that are significant for him.....and because he isnt flying solo through all of these things it adds to the colours of our week. I know in the very near future I will look back and miss all these things that seem to take up so much planning, running around and mum involvement.

I quietly was very proud of my contribution to the cupcake stall raising funds for the soccer club......just another thing to add to the mummy resume along with taxi driver, nurse, hug provider, loudest supporter on the boundary line, braving the freezing evening training times,"application form writing encourager"......and all supposed to be done with a smile! 


  1. Fraser is so adorable and growing so fast! I hope he makes the team xx

  2. Glad to hear your boy was a brave one! It's a huge thing to overcome these impending procedures.
    Way to go with his soccer! yay!


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