Thursday, June 23, 2016

Driving, dancing and growing up

I have shared the good stuff going on for the two males in our family....

So what's up with our girl......

Lots of time and effort have gone into passing the all important mid way driving test! 
Woo hoo is all I can say....we are now just 25 hours / 6 months away from the finish line...much rejoicing in our house is happening. Funny how she really is much more drive ready, half way through the learning process than we were when given our full plates!!

The other time allotment for her has been on her dance....yes she is the determined dancer in the family....and with just over three months left of her school life all attention is being focused on what next.

So the next three weeks are all about fine tuning and pulling together audition work for the application of courses for next year. Thankfully because we live in the most isolated city in the world most auditions can be done via recording and not made in person. ( Although I would be more than happy to trip around the country with her for the auditions)
So I have a few months in which to come to grips with our girl potentially heading off into the big wide world without us....{insert pounding heart and sweaty palms here!}
 We have always encouraged her to follow her dreams and so now we must stick to that despite how hard it is to let go.

Unfortunately the lovely little part time job she had close to home came to a sudden end when the business closed a couple of months ago. So after some financial independence she is feeling a bit blue without it....not that at the moment there has been too much time to commit  to work.

In three weeks - hopefully after the completion of audition work- she will be having a little surgery to determine whether she has inherited a familial genetic condition related to anesthetics. This will put her out of action for a few weeks but something that she will be better off knowing about going forward. So the race is on to have all her physical work done and ready for submitting.

So nothing much happening at all! 

It just seems like only yesterday she was beginning to dream about what life at 17 turning 18 would be like and where she would be.......and here we are.... {sigh}



  1. Bittersweet for sure... she's doing amazing!

  2. So much going on with everyone! A really great and exciting new adventure for Meg just around the corner. I remember the days when I was right there with you xxxxxx


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