Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthdays, fire, friends and bees

So while our boy has many things going on for him.....we celebrated the biggest boy in our house. It was birthday week.....well birthday five days.
This very same time last year we were ducking and weaving a big birthday number, the coming to an end of his employment after 20 years and the partial ending of my job that I say we were a little displaced would be an understatement......oh yes we had an assurance that it would all be ok and that an adventure was just beginning for us....but still a little apprehensive about what lay ahead.

Well here we are.....another birthday ...this less daunting in a strange way.....there has been an embracing of it all. This year we were introduced to the "birthday eve" celebrations....apparently that is what you are entitled too at this age now! (sorry honey we had no notice and so will do better with that next year)

But we did hit the present giving perfectly this bees

What male doesn't like poking around with a fire? So a fire pit was built and we enjoyed two beautiful winter evenings with family and friends, yummy food and good conversation....something about the sitting around the fire that brings a good flow of conversation. 
He has wanted for the longest time his own bee hive....and hooray he got one (to babysit/foster/nurture and hopefully reap some honey in the months to come) delivered by our very friendly bee keeping friend.

Looking back we have been on a journey  and although we are still on this part of it we are thankful for good friends and close family ties that have encouraged us along the way.....

Happy Birthday  to's to an awesome trip along this thing we call doing life.



  1. Cool gift! What a great looking fire! Happy Birthday to Derek!

  2. Happy birthday Derek, the fire pit looks great but not sure about the bees. We have a fire pit made from a washing machine drum, I think the making of it was as much fun as using it. Planning a seating area with fire pit in the new house.


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