Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nobody Home

What to do now that no-one is home....
I have found myself this week taking on board some new feelings. We walk the two minutes to school with all the other kids in the street and everyone is loving this...but...then I get to walk the two minutes home all alone and I am not loving this!
I know, in a few weeks I will be Ok but right now I am having eyes that are filled with tears as I walk away leaving both the kids behind. I know this is a bit over the top but the time has come where a great portion of their day now doesn't involve me.. obviously this has been the case with Meg for some 7 years but Fraser????
I have to learn a new way of being in some strange way.
Work will fill three of my days and I know I will relish the couple of days to fill of my choice but I still have this tug-o-war thing happening that comes with sending the last born off to full time school and also having to give my eldest a little more breathing room than before.( apparently it is not that cool for mum to wait at the classroom in the mornings and make any fuss!)

Interesting days ahead in the next little while as I navigate this new territory called being a mum of school aged children.

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