Sunday, February 28, 2010

Start making...

Each week Meg has a dance class not far from a local thrift what is one to do while waiting for her to finish dancing?
Well that is fine because I usually have a bag of things to gift them but then I often find somethings to gift myself I decided this week as I left with a few small finds that I would set to work and be more diligent than I have been in the last few weeks and find the purposes for which I have been bringing home these fantastic finds.

Last night I managed to pull together
  • A market bag from a vintage tea towel ( being from my Nan)
  • Two pot holders from a table runner
  • A pincushion

I just needed to set my mind into gear (I have let it slip out over the summer break) and work away at my piles of fantastic finds.
Check out over here to see if there is anything you like and then drop me a line.

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