Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying Time

The last week and a half have been ruled by the clock...well that is the way it has felt in my world.
Being back at school alone will do it too you but added to that Fraser has been attending half days alternating between mornings and afternoons!
Do I know if I am coming or going?
Do I know where I should be and what I should have with me?
Do I feel that I have been ahead of myself?
What I do know is that we all crave the rhythm of routine and boundaries , ones that are familiar and predictable. We may not always enjoy what is required of us right in that moment but we know what will happen next and when it is most likely to happen.
We have also broken the rule of no sleep overs during the week...but that is what families are for and so we have enjoyed the out of routine visits from the cousins...

(Fraser not wanting to miss out even though he was supposed to be asleep)

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