Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Saturday???

Today was not what I would call a lazy Saturday...

  • Up with the birds in 2 degrees for our little bit of exercise.
  • Fraser off to a party with the super-cape made for the birthday boy.
  • Bron off to a scrapbooking day with friends
  • Meg picked up after an all night movie night at church
  • Fraser picked up from the party
  • Meg dropped off at Hip Hop Class
  • Bron picked up from scrapbooking day
  • Meg picked up from dance class

  • Potato and Leek soup made for dinner
  • Time to work on Kid's church lesson for the morning
  • Pavlova made and in the oven for a luncheon with friends tomorrow

  • Maybe a few moments to work on my granny blanket before heading to bed ready to tackle the Sunday madness.
Thanks to my honey for doing the lions share of all the craziness today while I wiled away the hours with friends and photos.

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