Sunday, May 23, 2010


The last few days have been quiet frenetic around here .. the weather has turned cold,wet and windy this weekend so I would like to say that has kept us indoors!!!!! but not this little family.
Had the fun of going to the craft fair on Friday with much to see and be inspired by.
I just loved the banner display by students at the WAFTA

Also made a few small purchases to continue on with the creative efforts at home...purchases from here and here and here.
and just so I can justify my purchases I whipped up this cute bag with the fabric I purchased from here.

I have a couple of requests for some capes that i am nearly done making before Tuesday...
We also held our annual Leaders conference on Saturday morning which provided us with some great inspiration on being great leaders in whatever we are doing...
Then today after attending church we headed to the grandparents for a Lamb Roast oooooh how good was that. While some got stuck into the movie watching...
others pondered over some old photos....
and me?...I set the in-laws up with their own ebay account to help part with an abundance of goods!
There were a number of other things that we maneuvered through and now find ourselves preparing for the arrival of MONDAY and we are all aware of how each will feel when it arrives on our doorstep!

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