Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I attended a funeral service for my Great Aunty. I went with my sister and my dad...My Great Aunty was my mum's aunty and as it is that mum is not here to go we went to represent her and the family.
It was held on a family horse stud farm and was the most perfect of Autumn days .

It was a lovely opportunity to make some lost connections with my mum's older generation family and to hear of the fond memories of her Aunty...there is something about funerals that are very emotional even if the link is distant. Hearing family members share their thoughts and feelings for another member of their family in this case a mother and grandmother brings back all the feelings of loss for my own mother...the tears I found myself shedding were in part for this dear old Aunt but much much more for the words and sentiments that could have easily been my own thoughts and words for my mum.
I follow the blog of Stephanie Nielson a woman with a miraculous God this following clip that she has made and be inspired - if you are a mother be reminded of the enormity of the precious gift that is our life that we take so much for granted.

(be inspired and challenged by Stephanie's story but know that I personally am not endorsing her pathway to a relationship with God)

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