Monday, July 28, 2014

Grey is my New.......

Hmmmmm ...Black...Brown.....whatever my natural colour was

Yes I have made the decision to go al-nautral.....

I have been playing with my hair most of my life...I had periods of time where I didn't have colour but then the grey started to sneak in...I coloured it once about 5 years ago and that was it I was hooked.....had to keep up with the re growth every 6 weeks or so......

I am not sure if it is laziness or the strong curiosity that has won over now.....  

Maybe it is all the signs popping up that have urged me on......I read this a week ago....then just on the weekend I read this one.....

I think I can do it.....

I surveyed my family.....1 for 
                                      1 against and
                                       1 thinks "I look great whatever I do " (thanks honey)

So here goes .......

I do have a box of dye in the bathroom cupboard just in case I weaken any time soon......or I look in the mirror and feel way too much like my mum...she was gorgeous but you know it can be hard to accept the aging process at any age.

Vane moment over.....for


  1. Good luck! The worst part I think is that while you wait for it to grow out it just looks like you are a lazy person who can't be bothered colouring their hair.
    I have quite a few greys. Enough that vain me gets them done every 8 weeks. I am only 32 though! I blame my medication (which actually is known to cause loss of skin and hair colour)

  2. You are a brave woman Bron ;)
    Well braver than me anyway...I spend a fortune on colouring my hair even though I think women with that classic silver/grey hair look beautiful. It's that in between stage I can't get past. That witchy-poo/skunk look. I have quite long hair and the regrowth would look horrible - I'd have to avoid mirrors for years! One day I'll be ready to embrace them (the greys) but it won't be for a while.

  3. Oooh … that is brave of you. I actually quite like the look of grey hair … it's just the in between, salt and pepper time I'd be worried about. And what is it with grey hair … why do they have to stand straight up on end and yell out "look at me I'm here" … what's with that??

  4. Good for you, as a lighter hair colour I don't seem to have any greys yet but my hubby is getting some and I like them on him

  5. My mother went grey at 35 and started to dye her hair... When I asked her why she died her hair? her reply was "I am going to fight age with all I have..." I told her that her hair was very pretty, but she did not buy that. I think that was a consensus of all women at that time. At the age of 10 this did not make much sense to me but as I get older I understand the need but! I have always said that I will embrace my grey hair when it comes! It is now coming and I am still ready to embrace it! I look at it as my badge of honor. I am woman hear me roar! lol I love making personal decisions. So, I say Yay! and if you change your mind later... Well that's okay too! That's your prerogative as a woman! Right? lol have a great day xxx

  6. Good on you Bron - you may have inspired me to give it another go. The first time I did it I had my hair cut short so that I didn't have to live with the re growth however it wasn't my thing then so have been colouring again however at $100 a pop and with hubby aging/greying gracefully I think it would be nice to do it together….maybe?!

  7. Good for you Bron! Do whatever makes you happy, am sure it will look beautiful xx

  8. Go you!! Be proud i say :) healthy hair is gorgeous no matter the colour xx

  9. Good for you Bron! I am super slack with colouring my hair and can easily go a year or more between haircuts and today I sit and stare at the box of hair dye in the bathroom cupboard I sigh, it needs doing AGAIN!
    My issue is dark hair and when the greys pop thru they stand up on my head, like the little girl with a curl on her forehead? thats me with a curly grey atop my head. Plus Im only 37 I feel too young to go a la naturale just yet. Its hard being a women living in this vain world huh?
    Good luck with your transitition - I think you look great!


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