Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tie Dye Fun

During the school holidays our teen set about adding another t-shirt design to her wardrobe....she had been very keen to use her Tye Dye kit she received as a gift......

I love watching her go to work....she always knows what she wants the outcomes to look like......and is very meticulous with the process..... 

This kid was born in the wrong era.....I am seeing the cycle of fashion come cycling right through my teen....

I am joining in this week with  Show and Tell


  1. My eldest wanted a tie dye t shirt last year. Alas he didn't make his own ... he got me to do it for him ;0)

  2. WOW! How brilliant is that t-shirt??? Love it.

  3. She is too clever, love it! xx

  4. visiting from Sunshinex3, I love it. What a fab idea

  5. Its awesome and she is an amazing girl :). I can definitely see my girls loving and getting into this in time to come xx

  6. She did such a great job! Makes me want to give it a go! xx


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