Friday, August 1, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* An excited teen heading off to creative arts camp

* Coffee dates with friends

* New undercover washing line for wet day drying

* Thoughtful apologies and promises from a nine year old

* The joy of the teen receiving accolades from her teachers

* The generosity of that same teen to share the limelight

* The most lovely of families I meet with weekly

* The accessibility to good fresh produce

* Soccer games resuming.

* Fresh hot muffins to welcome new neighbours

* Time in bed to rest from illness ( "campitis" catching up on the teen)

* Family devotions to encourage and teach

* A sunny weekend forecast

* Cool beanies to cover up some healing

* The independence that the little guy is showing

* Quiet Fridays home

#678 Friends joining in with my Thankful lists- Go over and say hello to Kel who has some awesome thankful things on her lists.

My other lists are here...I would love to hear if you are making lists of thankful things too.



  1. I think I would love to come to creative arts camp too! Haven't done my list yet but I will! Yours are always so inspiring Bron. Hope you're all well xx

  2. Campitis :) classic :). Hope you have an uplifting week Bron xx

  3. I want to do the thankful list! But I keep forgetting... I need to that book you read and read it!!!xxx


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