Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The invention of Skype...makes those far away seem close

* Soccer wins

* A happier husband this week

* Animal onsies and making life easier for book week

* Inventive teachers exciting their students

* School assembly items

* Possessing basic face painting skills to be able to help out in class

* Generous donations for a worthy cause

* Friends to share the load

* Easily convinced kids to hang at home

* Carpooling friends

* Free access to great books at the local library

* Yummy husband cooked meals

* Another sleepover with the cousins

* Worn out kids who take no time at all to fall asleep

#738  It's Friday!!!!

Counting my way to One Thousand here


  1. nice list. Glad to see you back again......

  2. Sounds like a happier week full of niceties - hope you had a super weekend xx


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