Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The appearance of Spring for two whole days

* The most spectacular foggy morning on the not so spring like day

* The amount of green veggies and fruit everyone has eaten this week thanks to a new gadget.

* The independence of our 9 year old to blitz his own green shake concoctions

* People who are beaming with ideas...and are keen to make them happen

* Warm beds and home days to soothe when nasty bugs attack.

* Dirty knees - the mark of a good soccer match

* Cups of Tea dates with sisters

* A motivated teen on a DIY  "rampage"

* Seeing our "junk" being picked up by hopeful recyclers instead of heading to landfill

* A safe street for riding kids

* Secret nighttime flower drops on a friend's doorstep

* Warm fresh baked muffins for a new neighbor

* A full fridge and pantry at the completion of shopping day

* Hearing the school siren from my kitchen knowing the little guy is so close to home.

* The abundance of clever people sharing their how-to's on the web. 

#695 An opportunity to see our teen dance in front of her peers.

My other lists can be found here
I would love to know if you are joining in. x


  1. I saw the fog on the news, it looked amazing! Am giggling at the muddy knees, Felix had a set just like that (with added blood) today after filling in for a team a bit older than him, he loved it. Love your lists Bron, hope you're all well xx

  2. Well that sounds like a week well lived … which is definitely something to be thankful for :0)

  3. It sounds like you've had a beautiful week Bron, always doing, always seeing the beauty in your week, always inspiring:) xxx

  4. Sounds like an amazing week! I think putting it down gives an opportunity to see it and remember it! xx


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