Monday, August 11, 2014

Ten on Ten for August

After kick starting the day we spent the morning at is way to frenetic to snap pictures so here's the rest of the afternoon...we had such a spectacular Spring day......

* Blitzing has become the norm for everyone in this house....we all start the day with our own combinations

* Lucky there was some quiche left over for lunch today.

* A new addition to the garden ...maybe some added motivation for the real ones been dusted off

* Will the limes actually fruit...lets hope so..

* I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun

* The chickens have been repositioned for the ready of Spring

* Musing over how to get our broccoli much more productive...

* and why the cabbages look good but are not that full either...

* My boy saw this and knew it was perfect for our garden...

* Shame these are weeds.....they are always so whimsical and fairy like...

So that was a day in August.....joining in with Rebekah for another Ten on Ten


  1. What a yummy way to start the day:) I have some little lemons on my tree and I'm crossing my fingers they grow big enough I've never had any luck with lemon growing. The only trick I know with my broccoli is to just water regularly and fertilise every fortnight. I also have a big problem with cabbage moths and check over the plant regularly and pick off any eggs or caterpillars. Love your new chime for your garden:) xxxx

  2. Your garden is bursting with life! Isn't it great that Spring is on its way. I hope to try Ten on Ten next month - boy, I've said that a few times. I'm sure September is going to be my month :)

  3. Nice set of pictures. Wow your veggies are looking good already! Love that bike! How cute!

  4. Looks like you had a spectacularly sunny Sunday :0)

  5. The teapot chimes are adorable! Looks like lovely sunny garden day x

  6. Love it! I love seeing green things growing! Especially food, its kind of like a miracle each time something pops up that you can nourish your body with. The tea cups chime is adorable! xx

  7. Your garden looks so productive Bron! And that teapot is gorgeous xx


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