Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* A be kind to me day that was much needed.

* Spending time reading some encouraging words to help with the mind state.

* Having friends that will pray

* Having my husband home all week....who prepared most of the nightly meals

* Delicious and inventive meals made by the Mr

* A kind hearted teen supporting a friend in need

* Good friends who look after each other

* A kind stranger helping me out of a predicament

* Cousins who just love to hang out with each other

* The silence that comes with having three excited boys fast asleep in bed

* Co-workers who step in to fill the gap

* A starving teen who raised money for a great cause

* The discovery of the green drinks to start the day

#722 Book week still a week away for us....hopefully time to come up with an idea.

My other lists are here....let me know if you are thankful for anything this week.


  1. sorry to hear you aren't yourself. Hope things improve soon.

  2. Hope you are feeling better next week xx

  3. All wonderful things to appreciate Bron. My hubby has been doing the green drink to start the day, so incredibly good...not quite my taste unfortunately! Best of luck with book week, we just had ours last week, hard to come up with something each year :/ xo


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