Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten on Ten - July Edition

Ten Photos over Ten hours on the Tenth of the Month....
* It has been cold in the morning around these parts

* It has been a big week for our girl....and even bigger for the mumma who has struggled with letting go a little....

* The view out of my office window...
* The tunes on the playlist this week...
* School holidays are where it is at....
* A  healthy alternative for lunch..
* My boots are getting a work out on these cold days.
* It's all about layers...

* The veggie beds are bare and waiting for the next round of goodness.
* Noticing that the mulberry tree went from green to bare in the blink of an eye.

It is school holidays here......well for the kids any way. It has been a crazy week ,I feel like I have spent more time in the car than ever before. Drop offs at the hubby's work, the teen off at the train station daily, the little guy at cousins for hanging out, all while trying to squeeze in a days work.....then all in reverse at the end of the day.....

The working week is finished for me today and there a few longed for days away next week which will help to undo the frazzle.

Joining in with Rebekah and her Ten on Ten.


  1. Oh I hope you get a rest next week Bron, you sound so busy, hope it gets a little easier for you. Love that view from your office, so green and pretty. Take care, enjoy the weekend xx

  2. I love days away from the daily grind! A visit to the mountain lake sounds real good today... But I have to work Oh well, Have a great weekend Bron xx

  3. I love your set this month Bron - thank you so much for joining me in finding beauty in the ordinary it's always such a gift!!

  4. Ah. I understand your chilliness... You live on the other side of the world from me. It is hard to let go of our children... It doesn't get easier even when they are in their 30's. I'm trying to keep my thoughts to myself while my 34 year old daughter plans her wedding.

  5. Brrr that's cold. It is so hard being a parent and letting go, good on you for letting your big girl spread her wings, I know I struggle with this. Yeah for holidays and time to rest and relax. Have a wonderful time away:) xxxx


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