Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thursday Thankful List ( late again)

* School holidays and the change up of routine that they bring

* Opportunities for the teen to pursue her love

* The braveness she showed to do new things

* The fear that this mumma had was alleviated with lots of prayer and kind words from friends

* Seeing our girl grow in confidence as the week went on.

* Radox baths to soothe very tired and sore muscles.

* A public transport system that made getting to the city daily a simple process.

* Mobile phones that allow constant contact with a teen in new circumstances....and the peace it gave this mumma.

* Grandma's that work in the city to travel home in peak hour with

* Flexible work place that allowed me to duck out for the extra running around that was needed

* Supportive sisters to help with school holiday care

* A husband's work place that is close enough to allow drop offs and pick ups.

* Not having to make school lunches this week

* Dad's who love to teach little guys new skills....even if it does include fish guts!

* New shoes

* The sunny days in amongst the very wet ones.

* An invitation to see the week's hard work at the dance studio

* A long sleep in due to a soccer free Saturday

* Supportive work place colleagues in turbulent times

#653 Remembering my beautiful mum today who would be celebrating her 70 th birthday....I am sure she would still be a s beautiful as the day she left us 16 years ago.

My other list are here.


  1. It sounds like it's been a big week for you emotionally. I hope your sleep in was a lovely one, it must be nice not to have to get up early on a Saturday. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mum who was taken too early. Hugs Catherine. xxxx

  2. A soothing bath is the best thing to a week like yours! Life seems to be so busy these days and time is going by so fast! I think it is so wonderful that you are making a journal of these events for the years to come of all the memory's you are making today! XXX

  3. Gosh Bron it always sounds hectic and exhausting! But happy :) hope you had a good week ahead xx

  4. I love your thankful lists Bron and you know I'm going to join in one day! Soon, I promise. I feel really inspired reading yours. Am pleased that Meghan tried something new and you had lots of support in letting her go, well done. Thinking of you, hope you were able to spend your mum's birthday doing something lovely for you xx


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