Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

This week on my list I could be thankful for.....

* Our fabulous beach getaway last week

* Sisters who help with school holiday babysitting

* The winter sun

* Promising news on the bread winners job front

* A smooth transition back to school this week

* A surprise catchup with a friend who's in town

* The gift of a washing machine that is reliable 

But with the unfathomable news this week and the tragedy that has wrought families in our country and others far a field.....

We have lost a child...we know the pain that it brings.....but to lose your whole family...multiple loved ones in an instant....children, a parent.....

I feel my thankful list should only include.....

.....that my family is here safe and sound under our roof...altogether. That I can tuck my children into bed tonight and curl up next to the one I love.........


  1. Will second the Amen. The job thing sounds promising Bron? Thinking of you, hope you're having a lovely weekend, take care xx

  2. So important to appreciate whom and what we have isn't it? Hope you have a happy week Bron x


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