Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ten on Ten - October

Ten photos over Ten hours on the Tenth of the month....

This was our day... 

* Collecting stickers

* New suitcases purchased

* Jump rope with the little girls

* Fresh beetroot from the garden

* Making little girls even prettier

* Much more kit than her mamma

* Trying to reorganize the teen's bedroom

* Always good to win something on the scratchie

* Onions sliced ready for dinner

* Great excitement over seeing the first pay hit the bank account

Joining in with Rebekah


  1. Ahh, the first pay! I remember mine really well, so long ago! Am very impressed with your beetroot Bron, it looks great! And how gorgeous are older girls hanging out with the littler ones, too cute. Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx


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