Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Day outings with cousins

* Brave little guys who take on freezing temps at the lake

* My huge to do list seems to have been done

* The going away on a holiday to do list that's not too long

* Splashing out on some new suitcases

* The excitement of a first pay day

* Watching the teen make her first financial decisions

* A newly painted and nearly organised bedroom for the teen

* Friends in the street to hang out with

* School holiday timing

* The ironing pile that is no more

* Almost empty to clean it.

* The anticipation of spending time with friends

* Swapping and sharing furniture

#816 Sleepovers that wern't held here.

My other thankfuls are here



  1. You sound like you've accomplished a lot Bron, with your finished ironing and ticked off to-do list. How about popping over and finishing off mine? Maybe after your holiday? Hope you have a great time xx

  2. Great list full of ticks and done's! Awesome :)


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