Thursday, October 30, 2014

The day I found myself in the bottle shop

I am as far away from a connoisseur of fine wines as you can get.....

I was the child in my family that screwed their nose up at even the smell of a glass of wine

The few sips I have ever had.....all taste the same...I have no palette for alcohol of any sort.....

Bottle shops leave me totally confused 

So when Meg came home and said she needed a bottle of wine for ballet....what the??

" Don't worry mum I have a picture of the bottle I need"

So in we went...we must have totally looked like we didn't know what we were doing because the girl in the shop spotted us and asked if we were after the "dancing bottle"

She pointed it out and we purchased the cheap bottle of wine and headed home giggling....

She is rehearsing a Hungarian style dance where she will dance with a bottle on her head!!!!

Apparently the contents were less than ordinary and ended up down the hopefully she manages to perfect the art of dancing with a glass bottle on her head and we  won't have to head back to the bottle shop....

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hahahaha.... How fun was that! I hope that Meg does great! Dancing is so expressive and fun. Both my children danced and I love going to watch them... I have video now that they are grown and love to watch them over and over.

  2. Hahaha great story! No doubt she will perfect the dancing bottle dance!

  3. That's really funny:) hope the dance goes well!

  4. I hate wine! I prefer not to drink anything that tastes like vinegar! lol Dancing with a bottle on ones head sounds ummm... interesting. Good luck with that.

  5. That's cute, hope the dance goes well and the bottle stays on!! xx

  6. The smell of red wine makes me crinkle my nose still! Hope the dancing goes well, sounds a bit dangerous all that broken glass potential...


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