Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hanging with crafty friends

These school holidays have been different.....usually I set out to conquer a huge list of things to know...
the de cluttering, cleaning, sorting ,working part time, keeping kids entertained, reading a few good books , sleep ins......

Well this time I didn't have a list......
partly because there were quite a few things already in the competitions, sleep overs, work days, husband home days, new part time job shifts and repainting bedrooms.

Without me having my own agenda other nice things happened

One of the highlights was Meg having a couple of friends over to sleep and craft...

Despite our small house being in disarray due to the painting of the a all worked fine..

The weather was perfect for heading outside and making a mess.....the dye kind of mess...

Socks, t-shirts, pillowcases...nothing was safe from the colour being splashed around....

and when the dye needed time to be doing it's thing, there was some more stencils to be made....
I ducked out at one stage to have my haircut and on returning an hour later...a newly gifted pair of jeans had been turned into shorts!!! Lucky her aunt understands her creative niece (they were op shopped jeans)

In true style my girl always has dance on her brain.

It was lovely to see her helping her friends in their crafty endevours.....and apparently her friends didn't mind in the slightest that our home was less than ready for guests....

Ahhh school holidays never really do know what they might throw up ...and sometimes getting rid of to do lists is a good thing.

It also helps that we have a trip planned for next week to look forward to .

I think I will be able to link to Leonie this week.....


  1. Ahhhh tie dying I remember doing that with my girlfriend !! Love the stencilling too ... Dance exams are next week for us

  2. These are great! Love seeing what your girl has been up to! She is one clever crafty cookie!

  3. It's great to see teenagers keeping busy in a constructive way ... though the "alterations" on a brand new pair of jeans may have given me a few heart palpitations ;0)

  4. It's really cool! Lovely bit of work the girls have done!

  5. Looking like an awesome crafting time in the holidays

  6. Meg is so creative! I love the new shorts and leggings... Looks like a great weekend was had by all!


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