Friday, October 3, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* School holidays are here

* Husbands  who have extra days off

* Part time jobs that are a very short walk from not requiring any driving to and from

* Seeing the teen excited about cleaning and cooking.....all my nagging must have paid off

* Meg's new little job working with healthy  food choices

*  A bedroom transformed by a little paint and lots of hard work from the family...actually the husband and teen have done the most work...and it wasn't just a little bit of paint that was needed !

* The pure joy of performing, having success and being cheered on by a great bunch of friends.

* The sheer amount of work that Meg puts into her dance.

* My courageous sister who had my boy over for a play date....and all the other neighborhood kids on top of her five..there were eleven sitting watching a movie when I went to collect him after work!

* Cousins to play with

* Crafting days with friends in the sunshine

* Teen sleepovers that were very quiet

* Haircut days

* Simple homemade pizza  lunches

#801 A  girly TV Reality Show watching night.

My other lists are here...join in with me if you have any thankful thoughts.


  1. what a great list! Good luck on the job....

  2. Looks like a great list and a happy time xx


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