Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meg's week....

I should probably be a little more discreet about this...not so loud and proud....not so exploiting of my children in this social media setting.......
but...what the heck...

I am so proud of this girl..... 

She had the opportunity to dance in a contemporary solo competition tonight - 13 dancers (who did a pretty good job) but our girl

placed second.........

She is such a gem....tonight she danced so beautifully , so mature, so sensitively....I am always in awe of her love and passion.......
 and the best bit......she is big enough to do her own hair, makeup and organise all her own kit...the only thing she can't do is drive herself to endless dance rehearsals....well not yet.

It is turning into a big week for her.....she begins her first part time job tomorrow. She also has one more dance to complete on Friday as part of a Hip Hop troupe......oh and we decided an impromptu repaint of her bedroom after 14 years!

Did I say how proud I am of her......she is determined, self motivated, passionate and just an all round great kid....

I have totally "jumped the gun" on the 52 weeks project for this week.


  1. Wow, Congratulations Miss M. That is an amazing feat! Well done on second! So much in store for her! A job! Tell me more Bron! Way to go on that too!

  2. Wow ... Well done Meg!!!
    No wonder you're such a proud Mum :0)

  3. You should be very proud! She looks beautiful & passion, motivation & determination are such great qualities to do life. Well done mum!

  4. Oh that's so exciting, congratulations Meg! I've been AWOL from the internet Bron, but loved seeing this today, how lovely for you all! And you've done a great job on your hair and makeup too Meg, you look beautiful! Hope you're all well Bron, lots of love xx

  5. I say shout it from the roof tops... I think that is so wonderful! I am excited for her. My daughter loved to dance too and I loved watching her. I can remember sitting in the audience and having tears streaming down my face in happiness and love for my daughter and my son whom I was so proud of! Congrats Megan and good luck at your new job xxx

  6. Oh so wonderful! congratulations to Meg! What a wonderful experience and proud moment for you all xx

  7. She is so beautiful inside and out.. Love ya Meg


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