Friday, September 12, 2014

Ten On Ten - September

Ten Photos over Ten hours on the Tenth of the month...

* Someone was finding it tough to start the day

* Still sticking with the green shakes in the morning

* Someone is back on the bike getting to work....

* Someone else tackled the jungle of a wardrobe...

* A new find at the op shop waiting for a new frame

* Loving the tasty lettuce just outside the back door

* Lots of promise on the lime tree

*  After school downtime ....after finally hitting that tough day head on.

* A new read picked up from the library

* The end of the day cuppa, little blog reading and mindless TV watching

Another month recorded.....joining in with Rebekah for her Ten on Ten 


  1. Blog reading and mindless tv ... the best way to end a day :0)

  2. Hope you have a great weekend Bron xx

  3. awww... what a cool op shop find that pic is! I'm jealous! Great batch of pics...

    I tried to get 10 on the 10th... couldn't find enough interest to do 10! lol

  4. I've been having my green smoothie everyday too :)
    What's your usual ingredients?

  5. I feel like that a lot of mornings too! Look at that lovely lettuce and lime blossoms too, so exciting when the garden is producing!

  6. Looks like spring is really popping there... Fall is beginning to start here, I love the cooler weather

  7. Oh dear I'm glad you made it through the tough day and a nice reward of relaxing and reading blogs sounds good. I love a good green smoothie too, yummo:) xxx


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